Food & Chefs: Breaking Chews! Bun Mi

Image Credit: David Danzig

Published by: David Danzig on Friday June 22nd, 2018

David Danzig

Among our many blessings on the restaurant scene, Atlanta is endowed with a cornucopia of great quality fast-casual concepts.  One new star is south Buckhead’s Bun Mi, a nifty little joint that specializes in two of the main staples of Vietnamese cuisine:  banh mi sandwiches and bún bowls.  Throw in a variety of spring rolls and you have a very simple but rewarding menu that delivers Vietnamese authenticity in a casual and comfortable atmosphere.

Breaking Chews!  Bun MiBreaking Chews!  Bun Mi

For those not initiated with the Vietnamese food craze, banh mi is a magnificent hybrid of Vietnamese-French Indochine cuisine that takes a crispy French baguette and stuffs it with savory grilled meats and crunchy pickled vegetables.  Short rib is the typical meat used in the sandwiches, but Bun Mi also offers pork, chicken, shrimp and even a king mushroom version for the vegetarians.  Bún is a dish of grilled meats over white rice noodles (vermicelli) with herbs and usually a side dish of dipping sauce.  Bun Mi also delivers a small variety of made-to-order spring rolls including grilled lemongrass pork and grilled herb shrimp.  All of these dishes are beautifully executed with explosive flavors, most for under $10.  Adding to the authenticity, you can wash down any of these dishes with fresh-pressed sugarcane juice, fresh coconut juice (drink it right out of the coconut!) or a dessert-like Vietnamese coffee.

Breaking Chews!  Bun MiBreaking Chews!  Bun Mi

Of course, many of these dishes are readily available along Atlanta’s ethnic restaurant corridor on Buford Highway but many westerners are intimidated by the foreignness of the BuHi, the common language barriers, suspect ingredients and sometimes not-so-stellar health code scores.  Bun Mi delivers the tastes and flavors you would find in Hanoi or Buford Highway but in a welcoming, clean atmosphere with clearly quality meats and vegetables and, most importantly, a Peachtree Road address. 

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