Dr. Joe Esposito

Dr. Joe Esposito

Dr. Joe Esposito, DC, BS, DABCO, DCBCN has lectured throughout the country and internationally to hundreds of companies and organizations. He is an energetic and authoritative speaker on wellness and peak performance. Affectionately known as “Dr. Joe” by his patients, he holds numerous degrees and healthcare certificates. Dr. Joe cleverly combines his over 25 years of research and publications into entertaining and thought provoking lectures and training seminars.

Dr. Joe hosted several TV health programs and is currently the host of “Health Talk Atlanta,” which is a syndicated radio show broadcast out of Atlanta. He is also a former on-air consultant for 11 Alive News. He is the award winning author of “Eating Right…For The Health Of It!” and has created his own line of whole food supplements.

He is board certified in chiropractic, board certified in orthopedics, and board certified in clinical nutrition. He is a nutritionist and a pioneer in the field of gluten-free and plant based diets. He has helped tens of thousands of people overcome their health challenges.

For more information about Dr. Esposito visit his website at www.DrJoeEsposito.com.